François Gagnon identifies an alarming need for the Habs

Published January 2, 2022 at 12:17

Although a new year has begun, it will be just as difficult for the CH. With the many absentees, it is very difficult for this team to compete with the best teams on the Bettman circuit. Once again, on Saturday afternoon, we had proof of that against the Panthers.

Among the regular players still in the lineup is Nick Suzuki. With countless injuries, this means that Suzuki has a lot of ice time and that he has to act as a leader within this squad made up of several players who are making their debut in the big league.

Recall that Suzuki is only 22 years old and he has just under 200 games in the NHL including playoffs. But for a young player like Suzuki, moments like the ones the Canadiens are currently going through can be very difficult on morale.

That's why François Gagnon suggests that the Habs manage to get hold of one or more leaders in order to help number 14.

As he mentioned, the organization must ensure that Suzuki develops well so that it becomes the player it should be. One cannot afford to squander another hope as they had done many times in recent years.

Do you agree with what François Gagnon has proposed? Should we supervise Nick Suzuki better to ensure that he develops to his full potential?
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