Canucks equipment manager finds woman who saved his life in Seattle

Published January 2, 2022 at 10:10

On October 23, the Vancouver Canucks faced the new expansion team, the Seattle Kraken. However, for the Canucks equipment manager, he had no idea that this game would take a completely different turn for him.

While Brian «Red» Hamilton was busy moving equipment on his team bench between periods, a young woman knocks on the bay window separating fans from players. Using her cellphone, she advised the Canucks staff member that a mole on the back of Hamilton's neck was cancerous and that he needed to have it examined.

She was finally right. On the eve of the second matchup between the Canucks and the Kraken in Seattle, the Canucks organization issued a letter to find the young woman in question. And they were able to do it in less than an hour!

The two met last night before the game between the two teams. In fact, the two organizations have committed to jointly award a $10,000 scholarship to the young medical student. This was highlighted during the giant screen part of the scoreboard.

A beautiful story to mark this New Year's Day!

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