Flyers make a horrible decision and NHL players, managers and fans are furious

Published April 2, 2022 at 10:24

According to the excellent reporter Kevin Weekes, who has broken several news stories over the past few months, the Philadelphia Flyers have made the (very controversial) decision to let go of veteran defenseman Keith Yandle.

He's healthy, he'd be able to play, but the Flyers' head coach reportedly just chose to cross him out of the lineup and skip his turn.

Why is there so much talk and reaction?

Keith Yandle is currently on an amazing streak of 989 games played (in a row), without missing a single game in between. That's really incredible.

He recently broke the all-time NHL record (which was 964 consecutive games), and he was about to hit the 1000 mark.

On top of that, the Flyers are completely out of the playoff race and already have some injuries on the blue line. Many NHL players and GMs have already deemed the decision as an "odd" one.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it's the kind of sequence that NHL players and executives have great respect for. It's unheard of in the history of the league, a player who plays 1000 games in a row and now the Flyers are going to keep Yandle from reaching that milestone, even though the games have no meaning to them anymore.

Let's also add that Yandle is a highly respected veteran in the locker room and in the league.

A real shame...

In the face of popular pressure, it's not impossible that Philly will change its mind by tonight, but for now their plan is to "healthy scratch" him and intentionally end his incredible "Iron Man steak".

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Flyers make a horrible decision and NHL players, managers and fans are furious

Jackass move by the Flyers?

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