Flyers bitterly regret not drafting Cole Caufield in 2019

Published November 1, 2022 at 6:11 PM

Cole Caufield's selection had caused a stir in Montreal, for good reason, but it was even worse in Philadelphia, as the Flyers organization turned its nose up at the sniper in favor of defenseman Cam York with the fourteenth selection of the 2019 draft.

Who doesn't remember the video that made the rounds on the web at the time, in a Philadelphia bar, where Flyers fans repeatedly shouted "Cole" and reacted very negatively after hearing Cam York's name on the microphone.

As my colleague Vincent Fournier at GoHabsGo says, it's become a "running gag" in the NHL that the Flyers drafted York over Caufield in 2019.

If Caufield's non-selection was a big deal in Philadelphia, it's possibly even bigger now, as the CH's No. 22 is establishing himself as one of the NHL's top scorers, while York has yet to crack the Flyers' defensive brigade.

On that subject, Michel Therrien, who is now a contributor to TVA Sports, made a very interesting statement regarding the selection of York, while on the inside of the Philly organization.

"I can tell you that shortly after the 2019 draft, Chuck Fletcher had gone to see a few games of the American Development Program team that Caufield and York played on. When he came back, we looked at each other and said, "he better be good, York!"" - Michel Therrien

The former Habs coach even went so far as to say that there are possibly big regrets with the Flyers.

"I think the Flyers regret their choice a little bit." - Michel Therrien

It's fascinating how in a short period of time, the Flyers' bad move in the 2019 draft has become a stroke of genius on the part of Habs management.

We can say a big thank you to the Flyers for this monumental blunder!

Credit: GoHabsGo
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Flyers bitterly regret not drafting Cole Caufield in 2019

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