Evander Kane received some very serious accusations from his wife

Published July 31, 2021 at 7:46 PM

For some time now, nothing seems to be going right for Evander Kane, who had to declare bankruptcy during the last year. However, this did not prevent him from having a good season with the Sharks as he had 49 points in 56 games this year.

However, it doesn't seem that his problems are behind him. Today, his wife accused Kane of betting on the games he was playing. On top of that, Anna added that her husband allegedly abandoned her and her child in Europe when he went bankrupt.

These are serious accusations that the Sharks player is facing. Let's remember that a few similar situations have occurred in the sports world and that some of the athletes in question have never resurfaced.

The NHL has just reacted to this controversy mentioning that they are taking these allegations very seriously. The NHL will investigate further into this matter before rendering its verdict.

If everything turns out to be true, it could have serious consequences for Evander Kane. A lifetime ban in the NHL is not to be ruled out for such actions. In short, it will be interesting to see how the league will handle this particular case.
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