Evander Kane faces another MAJOR controversy

Published October 6, 2021 at 8:52

Just days after being completely exonerated of any charges involving sports betting, here's Evander Kane stepping in the dangerous heat again. Recall that the NHL had conducted an investigation into the sports betting libel against him and he was cleared of all charges.

Another investigation is now underway regarding Kane's alleged use of false evidence of vaccination, according to The Athletic. The first source, however, is said to be from Front Office Sports.

The Sharks' number 9 is not out of trouble, believe me. It is strictly forbidden to use a fake vaccination card in the United States. In addition, the NHL has a very strict protocol for teams and individuals who do not respect the rules regarding the COVID-19. We're talking about missing games, hefty fines, reimbursement of expenses related to this incident, as well as the loss of draft picks.

In addition to the charges of illegal betting and false vaccination papers, Kane missed the entire Sharks training camp due to allegations of sexual abuse against his wife, Anna Kane.

Let's just say that this is starting to weigh heavily on the resume of Evander Kane. This is not the first rodeo for the 30-year-old, who has not been able to avoid controversy since the beginning of his career... Is there really smoke without fire, considering the thickness of his record?
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