Let's hope that the Canadiens is not preparing to commit an injustice

Jeff Drouin
October 6, 2021  (8:50)

In Tuesday night's game, the Habs were beaten 6-2 by the Leafs... Samuel Montembeault had a good game under the circumstances, but had to deal with a very disheveled defense that made a lot of mistakes. Alexander Romanov ran as much as a chicken when it gets its head cut off... but we'll come back to that.

Here is a spectacular save by Montembeault on John Tavares:
Let's talk about this other uninspired performance by Ryan Poehling, who continues to get a ton of chances, but remains unable to take them. He doesn't play with the gun to his head, quite the opposite. He occasionally slips up on the ice, which is the complete opposite of Michael Pezzetta, who is far more deserving of a spot than Poehling.
Vincent Damphousse got a little carried away yesterday on the show L'Antichambre, saying how Poehling was playing without any sense of urgency. He's playing like everything is a given since he's a first round pick and Dominique Ducharme seems to believe in him. Honestly, I understand the feeling of being paralyzed by fear, but where is the effort to overcome it in Poehling's case?
Some even saw him in the third center seat... Forget that, Jake Evans is light years ahead of Ryan Poehling. Evans was the best player on the Montreal Canadiens in that humiliating loss. OKAY, yes, it's just a warm-up game. Regardless, Evans had his foot on the floor and a hunger to show what a perfect weapon he was on the third line. He's alone in the race, plain and simple!
Seriously, Poehling has given the Habs NO reason to keep him with the team. He is digging himself into a deep hole... If we forget about draft rank and really just analyze performance, I welcome Pezzetta, who has done everything he can to earn a spot on the team.
Yesterday he showed courage, he disrupted and he was involved. He finds a way for Ducharme and his counterparts to remember him. Getting a pat on the shoulder from the coach on a regular basis is a sign that they appreciate your performance.
No, but look at that hair and that smile! Take a second and enjoy!
Let's start a hashtag: #PezzetaInMontreal
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