Encouraging news today for those hoping for the return of the Quebec Nordiques!

Published May 24, 2022 at 7:54 PM

When Quebec Finance Minister Eric Girard met with Gary Bettman in New York last week to discuss a possible return of the Nordiques to Quebec City, many experts said it was a courtesy meeting and that nothing new should be expected on the file.

However, when Girard returned to the National Assembly on Tuesday for the final session of Parliament, he had some encouraging news for hockey fans in the Quebec City area.

"In the long term, it's definitely possible, because Quebec has changed."

The minister of the Nordiques, as François Legault likes to mention, mentioned that the economic situation has changed very well since the team left for Colorado in 1995.

"Since the departure of the Nordiques in 1995, Quebec has changed in terms of its economic strength, in terms of the size of businesses.

When you look at the TSX60 today, the index of the largest market capitalizations in Canada, there are several large Quebec companies. Quebec City is much more dynamic, diversified than when the Nordiques left."

Girard added that the meeting with Bettman was very positive, but he repeated that it was obviously a courtesy visit to keep the communication network open in this file.

Questioned later on the possibility that the Ottawa Senators come to play a few games at the Videotron Center next season, the Minister of Finance was quite cautious saying that there had been leaks in the media and that the discussions had been quite preliminary.

"It was not a good time for that leak. It was a time for which there had to be respect for the Senators."

Regardless, the possibility of eventually seeing the Nordiques again in the long term is very much alive and well, and as hockey fans in the Quebec City area have done many times in the past, patience will be required in this matter.

Once again.

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Encouraging news today for those hoping for the return of the Quebec Nordiques!

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