Ducharme and Burrows see something we don't?

Published December 12, 2021 at 11:19

The Montreal Canadiens' power play is crappy, anemic, flavorless and colorless. First of all, the scheme is very boilerplate, as if nothing was refined. Secondly, the choice of players remains to be reviewed, reviewed and reviewed again.

How can Joel Armia, Kale Clague and Mathieu Perreault be on the first wave for 90 seconds while Nick Suzuki, Ryan Poehling and Cole Caufield are not? Talent and instinct, it takes a lot of that on the power play. Aberrant is the right word!

I agree, if you don't play well at five-on-five, you're not going to be any more successful on the power play. But with a 13.1% success rate (30th in the league), it seems to me that Ducharme and Burrows should go back on the drawing board.

I get the impression that the individuals who run the "PP" don't know what to do. Then, on top of that, they don't move their feet... Hello, the earth is calling the Canadiens! Please do something!
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