Dominique Ducharme provided some details on Carey Price and Sami Niku

Published September 29, 2021 at 3:31 PM

Montreal Canadiens head coach Dominique Ducharme shared some clarifications on Carey Price's health status. In addition, he chatted about Sami Niku, regarding the date of his first game with the Red,White,and Blue. All of this was done during the press briefing, following this afternoon's practice.

On Carey Price:

The Montreal starting goalie will take a few days off the ice to avoid swelling in his knee. Remember that he is still recovering from an injury and is currently in recovery. The plan is still for Price to be in the first game of the season.

Let me doubt his condition in the first game of the season...

On Sami Niku:

The Finnish defenseman will make his debut this Friday against the Ottawa Senators. He was paired with Ben Chiarot at practice this morning, where he took Mattias Norlinder's place.

On Joel Edmundson:

The Canadiens don't want to rush him so that his injury does not worsen during the season. He is being evaluated daily, so he can rejoin the main roster as soon as he feels ready.

Ducharme also reiterated the importance of the preparatory games, due to the many evaluations that his coaching staff will have to do. He believes that some of the players will give him answers to his questions.

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