Gallagher has nothing but good words about Suzuki

Published September 29, 2021 at 11:13

Nick Suzuki is one of those who will wear the letter "A" on his jersey this season, as he is part of the leadership committee of the Montreal Canadiens. Number 14 is not only known for being the Montreal Canadiens' number one center, but also for his intelligence, his attitude, his strength of character, his desire to win and his leadership.

This leadership was quickly detected in Suzuki, which is why some believe that he may one day wear the letter of nobility on his jersey, the captain's "C". On the subject of his leadership, Brendan Gallagher simply praised his young teammate to that effect.

According to "Gally", Suzuki has the right stuff, and young players, like Cole Caufield or Alexander Romanov, are more comfortable entrusting themselves to number 14 than to veterans, for example. It takes several leaders to steer a ship to the promised land, and Suzuki is one of them.

Based on what Gallagher said, Suzuki is not the type of human being or player to put extra pressure on himself because he has a letter embroidered on his jersey. For him, it's natural, he's a born leader and he'll be able to help the team at this level for many years to come, he's only 22 years old.
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