Dom Ducharme had a lot to say about Cole Caufield and the reasons for his poor start to the season

Published July 28, 2022 at 1:46

Today, the excellent Marc Antoine Godin (The Athletic) published a very interesting article, in which he revisits an exclusive interview he was given by former Montreal Canadiens head coach Dominique Ducharme.

One of the topics that came up a lot was Cole Caufield's disappointing performance under his watch. (1 goal and 8 points, in 29 games, to start the year)

As you know, with the arrival of Martin St-Louis, the young number 22 literally took off (22 goals and 35 points, in 38 games, to finish the year)

It's a very radical change, so much so that some observers and fans even accused Ducharme of depriving Caufield of a Calder trophy.

As reported by our colleagues at, it's a situation that really didn't sit well with the former Montreal driver.

"I find it flat!" - Ducharme

Clearly, the former Habs head coach really didn't like the whole thing.

He also very clearly denied the rumors and speculation that he wasn't using the young Caufield properly. According to Ducharme, Caufield simply didn't start the season well and the bad streak (made worse by the team's failures and pressure) simply dragged on.

"Everyone said he was going to score 40 goals before it even started. If he had a good start, he might have been able to, but he went into that spiral, and the fact that the team was struggling, it didn't help him individually.

When I hear things like that, it's like I don't want Cole to score 40 goals. I would have loved for him to score 40 goals!" - Dominique Ducharme

You can tell that he feels strongly about this and that he absolutely does not accept to hear such things being said about him and about the young Caufield.

For the interesting details:

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Dom Ducharme had a lot to say about Cole Caufield and the reasons for his poor start to the season

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