Development: Carey Price on track for big news at the end of his career

Published November 13, 2022 at 10:36 PM

As he continues to be involved and make his mark on the Montreal Canadiens organization, even though he is unfortunately unable to play, let's take a moment here to recall what a brilliant career Carey Price has had.

Over the last few days, we have talked a lot about what a great man he is, but let's also remember what a great goalie he is.

Price has won the Hart trophy, the Jennings trophy, the Butterfield trophy, the Vezina trophy, the Ted Lindsay trophy, the Bill Masterton trophy and much more!

He won a gold medal at the Olympics, delivering one of the most dominant performances ever seen on the international stage for a goalie.

He took his team to the Stanley Cup Grand Final almost single-handedly and was on track to do the same in 2014. In short, Carey Price has been extremely dominant throughout his career.

Even if he never won a Stanley Cup, he accomplished great things.

As my colleague David St-Jean mentions, when you think about it, it's amazing what Carey Price has been able to accomplish so far in his career. He is without a doubt one of the best goalies of his generation. (if not the best)

Big news coming for Carey?

In the last few hours, we learned that goalie Roberto Luongo will be officially inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Luongo will be an immortal of the world's greatest sport, and that could squarely mean that the same fate awaits Carey.

The numbers are pretty striking. Luongo and Price have had very similar careers. Careers punctuated by trophies, individual honors, incredibly dominant seasons, Stanley Cup finals, Olympic gold medals, but most importantly, careers (unfortunately) without a Stanley Cup.

Price, like Luongo, holds numerous franchise records and has won just about everything except the ultimate trophy. Remember that Luongo has never won the Vézina Trophy, unlike Carey.

In short, the point here is not to compare the two, let alone discredit Luongo, but simply to note that with this announcement from the Hockey Hall of Fame, the chances of Carey Price being inducted seem to be skyrocketing. He really does seem to be on his way to eventually receiving some great news, and he so deserves it.

We love it!

Kudos to Roberto Luongo, a great goalie and a great man too!

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Development: Carey Price on track for big news at the end of his career

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