A Journalist insults Montreal Canadiens fans in connection with Nick Suzuki

Published November 13, 2022 at 8:20 PM

The new captain of the Montreal Canadiens, Nick Suzuki, is proving to everyone that he is absolutely franchise material.

He's been phenomenal this season on both sides of the ice, and it's already clear that his contract is a steal.

Suzuki, 23 years old and signed at $7.875 million per year until 2030, already has 19 points (10 goals) in just 15 games this season. He is truly becoming one of the best young players in the NHL.

Do you remember Dom Luszczyszyn? He is a journalist specialized in advanced statistics, who published (this summer) a very controversial article in which it was stated that Nick Suzuki's contract was among the 10 worst in the NHL.

In fact, the reporter from The Athletic put together a statistical method that placed Suzuki 9th in the top-10 worst contracts in the NHL.

To review the article and the ranking in question:

Already this summer, because of this article, Luszczyszyn had suffered the wrath of the Montreal Canadiens fans, who did not agree with his ranking.

As my colleague Vincent Fournier of Lets Go Habs mentions, with the incredible start to the season that Suzuki is having, some Tricolore fans have taken great pleasure in reminding Dom Luszczyszyn of this.

How did the reporter respond? By admitting his mistake? By laughing at the situation? Not at all.

He insulted the Canadiens' fans with a very direct publication. Here it is:


Here he talks about a "deranged" fan base. Ouchh... Not very professional shall we say.

See here for other fair responses:

Credit: Vincent Fournier, Let's Go Habs
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A Journalist insults Montreal Canadiens fans in connection with Nick Suzuki

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