Daniel Brière is not the man for the job, according to an animator!

Published January 8, 2022 at 5:32 PM

Everything seems to indicate that Marc Denis and Mathieu Darche are in the lead for the position of General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens. However, my feeling tells me that Darche will become the next GM of the Sainte-Flanelle.

In the case of Daniel Brière, we know that he is among the candidates met (or to be met), but according to Tony Marinaro (TSN), Brière would not be an ideal candidate for the Habs. According to Marinaro, through his podcast «Sick Podcast», Brière made a big mistake once and it could cost him a lot today.

«Brière is a good person, but let's face it, there are many who have a grudge against him, because when he was at the top of his career, he had the opportunity to come here as a free agent and sign an agreement that would have brought him $50 million. He refused for family reasons. Many people recall what happened, and I understand that argument very well.

Someone's gonna ask him : Daniel, how are you gonna convince a free agent to come here when you've made the opposite choice in your career? He's going to have to be creative to respond. He can always turn a negative fact into a positive, but he's going to have to be creative," said Tony Marinaro.

Marinaro's not in the left field, but I guess Jeff Gorton and Geoff Molson did their homework on that before they interviewed him, right?


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