Dadonov made a deplorable gesture that would have really angered Martin St-Louis and the divorce could well be pronounced

Published November 3, 2022 at 1:07

Acquired last summer from the Vegas Golden Knights in exchange for Shea Weber's contract, Evgenii Dadonov has not broken anything since the beginning of the season.

The veteran had a respectable season last year with 43 points, but we have to admit that we are starting to understand more and more the Golden Knights' general manager, Kelly McCrimmon, for having let him go for almost nothing during the off-season.

He's been left out of the last two games, and it now seems clear that Dadonov's time in Montreal will be as short as that of his compatriot Alexander Semin in 2015-2016.

Without wishing to stir up bad memories for Habs fans, Alexander Ovechkin's former teammate in Washington did not last long during his time with the Habs.

And now, head coach Martin St-Louis even lost his patience with reporters when asked about Dadonov's absence from practice. It begins to say a lot about his desire to play hockey now.

But it looks like there's some news on this front. As reported by Marco Normandin of Habsolumentfan.com, we possibly now know the reason why St. Louis was on the fence about Dadonov.

On BPM Sports, host Jean-Charles Lajoie mentioned that the Russian forward met with Kent Hughes in the last few days (it's confirmed, he was seen talking to him), because he was unhappy with his playing time, and let's just say that this gesture would not have pleased the Habs' coach at all, at least, according to the interpretation of the excellent JiC :

I'll tell you what it is. Dadonov went to chat with Kent Hughes, not happy with the turn of events. Martin St. Louis made him sweat, to say in good Quebecois, it made him shit! Why did it make him sweat?

It made him sweat because Martin is very honest with the last of his players. He is two hands on the table with all his guys. For him, it's a rule of honor. It's a code of honor. Martin St. Louis is a man of honor. He's not a liar, he's not a bullshi*er. He tells the real story to all his players and keeps an open line of communication with all his players.

And the first deal Dadonov makes, he turns around and goes to complain to Kent Hughes. Martin didn't like that. It's a rush! The divorce is finalized. Martin St. Louis and Dadonov will not share a croissant. It's over. It is up to Kent Hughes to act, the ball is in the court of Kent Hughes.

It has to be said that the low to non-existent production of #63 since the beginning of the season gives St. Louis ammunition to leave him out and with the new philosophy of the organization, this kind of behavior is unacceptable, especially coming from a veteran.

It seems obvious that the association between Evgenii Dadonov and the Canadiens is coming to an end and it remains to be seen how Kent Hughes will manage to get rid of him.

To listen to Jean-Charles Lajoie's interesting comments about Dadonov, click on the link here.
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Dadonov made a deplorable gesture that would have really angered Martin St-Louis and the divorce could well be pronounced

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