Could we see the first woman in an NHL regular season game as early as this year?

Published September 9, 2023 at 11:30

In the last few minutes, journalist Ian Kennedy, on The Hockey News, published a very interesting article discussing the serious possibility of seeing a woman participate in an NHL regular season game.

This could happen as early as this season.

How is this possible?

It could involve a significant change in mentality regarding the EBUGs, the "Emergency Backup Goaltender" or emergency backup goaltenders (from NHL teams).

Almost every season, we see an arena employee, a goaltender coach, a Zamboni driver, or someone else, participate in an NHL game when both goaltenders of a team are injured during the same game.

We can think of David Ayres, Scott Foster, Jorge Alves, Thomas Hodges, Matt Berlin, and more recently, Jett Alexander (who finished a game for the Toronto Maple Leafs).

Kennedy notes that the majority of these goaltenders were largely underqualified and absolutely did not have the talent to play in the NHL.

However, starting this season, with the creation of the PWHL, numerous elite female goaltenders will be available.

The best available goaltender, as an EBUG, for the vast majority of NHL teams, will be a woman as early as this season.

We are talking about women who will be perfectly in "game shape" and who will be part of the elite. We are not talking about Zamboni drivers playing in "garage leagues".

They could become valuable "assets" for NHL teams in case of injuries.

PHF fans would love to see the world's best female goaltenders step in for NHL teams, if needed.

And who knows, if the opportunity arises, history could be written with the first woman to play a regular season game in the NHL.

- Ian Kennedy


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Could we see the first woman in an NHL regular season game as early as this year?

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