A Major Verdict About to be Announced for Christian Dvorak and the Canadiens: We Have Details

Published September 8, 2023 at 7:05 PM

Last year, the Canadiens set a record with the number of games missed by players due to injuries and barring a disaster, the situation should not repeat in 2023-2024.

With the exception of Nick Suzuki and Johnathan Kovacevic, no other player of the tricolor surpassed the threshold of 70 games played and when an organization sees so many athletes ending up on the sidelines, the chances of success are rather slim.

But a few weeks before the opening of the Canadiens' training camp, everyone seems healthy, or almost, as the players will report for physical examinations before stepping onto the ice.

However, Martin St. Louis might potentially not be able to count on one of his center players at the beginning of the season. As reported by the site Danslescoulisses.com, Christian Dvorak is recovering from his knee surgery undergone last March, and according to some sources, it is possible that the American forward might be sidelined at the beginning of the season.

At least, that is what Mathias Brunet said during his appearance on BPM Sports, but he also mentioned that it is also possible that Dvorak might recover in time for the season start.

"Christian Dvorak will find out in September if he will start the season on time." - Mathias Brunet

In fact, number 28 is scheduled to meet his surgeon this month and it will be the latter who will give the final verdict.

It must be said that Dvorak's absence in the next training camp could have short-term consequences for the Canadiens because, under normal circumstances, he should be the center of the third or fourth line.

This might enable Martin St. Louis to try some interesting experiments, particularly with young forwards attempting to make the Canadiens' lineup before the season starts.

On the other hand, Dvorak's absence certainly doesn't help Kent Hughes' case, who might be tempted to trade him to another team. He is still under contract for two more years, and he has a concerning injury history. Not to mention he will earn an annual salary of 4.45 million dollars until 2025, which is high for a player who has only scored 28 points in 64 games.

That being said, even if Dvorak misses a few games at the start of the 2023-2024 season, it is certainly not this situation that will keep Canadiens fans awake at night, and also his probable absence should not affect your hockey pools, unless it has 50 rounds.

Credit: To hear what Mathias Brunet has to say, click on this link.
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A Major Verdict About to be Announced for Christian Dvorak and the Canadiens: We Have Details

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