Controversial statement regarding Sean Monahan and a first round pick

Published December 10, 2022 at 1:06

Sean Monahan's performance with the Habs since the beginning of the season has surprised most experts, but it has also given hope to those who would like to see Kent Hughes use him as a bargaining chip in order to be able to get good value in return.

Some experts claim that the Habs could get their hands on a first round pick in the event of a trade for number 91, while others believe that he could sign a new deal with the CH.

However, we still don't know the severity of the injury he suffered last Monday against the Vancouver Canucks and let's hope he doesn't miss too much time, because it could lower his value on the market.

By the way, not everyone claims that Sean Monahan is worth a first round pick.

While appearing on La Poche Bleue le midi last week, former NHL player and now Quebec Remparts assistant coach Simon Gagné is more of the opinion that Hughes would not be able to get that value in return for Monahan.

"Me, I don't think the Habs are going to get a first round pick for Sean Monahan. Even a second- or third-round pick would be very good money for Monahan."

Ouch. It's not a unanimous vote, but he knows that!

By the way, Gagne had made his statement before Monahan got hurt against the Canucks and if he were to be out for a long period of time, his value could drop significantly.

The former Flyers player also commented on the fact that the Habs could extend Monahan's stay by signing him to a contract extension.

"It's going to depend on his demands. If he agrees to stay in Montreal for a year, you extend him for sure. It depends on what price, too, because you're going to have to give Caufield a contract, too."

Either way, the Habs could be a winner with Monahan, even if he were to go away for the long haul because with the price Kent Hughes paid to acquire him, he'll definitely make his investment worthwhile.

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Controversial statement regarding Sean Monahan and a first round pick

Are you confident that Kent Hughes could get a first round pick in exchange for Sean Monahan?

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No, 2nd round pick5222.2 %
No 3rd round pick104.3 %
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