Important revelation concerning Logan Mailloux and Hockey Canada

December 9, 2022  (5:03 PM)

Earlier this week, Hockey Canada unveiled the list of players who would participate in the final selection camp for the upcoming World Junior Championship. Many were surprised to see the absence of several players, including Canadiens prospect Logan Mailloux.

It didn't take long for members of the media to weigh in on the decision. As we reported here, opinions are divided. The reasons would not be totally due to the controversy surrounding Mailloux since he was drafted by the CH. Some believe that his play on the ice would be the cause of his non-selection.
However, a new article by TSN's Rick Westhead, the man who broke the huge news of the Team Canada scandal, helps us understand the real reasons why Team Canada officials ignored Mailloux. He says that Hockey Canada, after the hellish summer they had, put new measures in place and that the country's representatives are under scrutiny.
The federation now requires that players, coaches and staff who are candidates to represent Team Canada at the upcoming World Juniors fill out selection forms indicating if they have a criminal record or if they have ever been threatened with disciplinary action by an organization. Consent for HC to search members' social networks is also required. All individuals over the age of 19 will also be required to declare the existence of a criminal record in their name.
"As part of its action plan, Hockey Canada announced in July an enhanced screening process for all players, coaches and team personnel identified for potential participation in Hockey Canada's high performance programs that goes beyond criminal record checks and references from team officials regarding their on-ice abilities."

"Such assessments are part of determining the eligibility of these individuals for an invitation to Hockey Canada programs. As part of this process, a request for screening is sent to adult players, team coaches and staff, and parents of minor players. This request also includes a social media analysis. Once completed, all screening materials are reviewed and, based on those reviews, decisions are made regarding the appropriateness of roster spots."

Looking at these new criteria, it makes perfect sense that Mailloux's non-selection had something to do with it. His already widely known track record excludes him from the process before he even fills out the forms.
It seems HC doesn't want to look crazy in the future. It's all well and good to protect against future scandals, but wouldn't it be better for HC to also invest in prevention (training for young men) and not just in its image?
Important revelation concerning Logan Mailloux and Hockey Canada

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