Confusion around Artturi Lehkonen today

Published March 15, 2022 at 11:26

Although he did not take part in the most recent game (after taking part in the warm-up period), Artturi Lehkonen was at the heart of the confusion today, when Martin St.Louis and his men were back at practice.

First, we had good news.

Everything indicated that Lehkonen was going to be present for the main practice, which would have meant good news, about his injury to the upper body.

Finally, a turnaround:

«Suspense. Practice is started and Lehkonen is not here. To be continued we are continuing the investigation. - Marc-André Perreault

For a few seconds, social media was on fire, obviously due to the trade rumors involving Lehkonen. Why was he pulled from training at the last second?

One thing is certain, it is ultimately not because he was traded:

«Lehkonen and Kulak = therapeutic day (I need it) WE DO NOT HAVE A TRADE TO ANNOUNCE!! - Marc-André Perreault

Lehkonen doesn't actually practice, but that's for medical reasons, not because he's involved in a transaction...not yet anyway.

We will have an update on his case in the next few hours, but the organization is not ruling out the possibility that he could play tonight.

More details will follow...

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