Here's why Rem Pitlick was placed on waivers by the Wild

Published March 15, 2022 at 8:57

Over the weekend, forward Rem Pitlick really solidified his status in the Habs roster and his status as a steal on waivers.

Several Habs fans are wondering why he was released by the Wild, was there something wrong? Well, during his most recent press conference, Habs head coach Martin St-Louis gave the answer.

Pitlick was placed on waivers by his former club simply because the organization's young prospects had to have opportunities, in the eyes of the bosses. There was no attitude or work ethic problem, Minnesota just wanted to make room to give their youngsters a chance and insert in their lineup: Matthew Boldy and Connor Dewar. (and keep Brandon Duhaime there)

Even though Pitlick is only 24 years old and even though he was one of their most productive players (per 60 minutes), they decided he was going to take the hit. They were probably hoping for him to go unclaimed, but the Habs jumped at the chance and did very well.

Martin St-Louis explained that an organization will always (unfairly?) prioritize young players from within the pipeline, drafted and developed within the organization, which are Brandon Duhaime and Connor Dewar for the Wild. (unlike Pitlick, who was developed and drafted in Nashville)

Boldy is doing very well, but it's more difficult for Dewar. (5 points in 29 games, differential of -5) Remember that Pitlick had 11 points in 20 games with the Wild.

Pitlick, who scored the tying goal late in the third period on Sunday, while having the assist in Cole Caufield's winning goal in overtime, has now amassed an impressive total of 16 points since joining CH, in only 23 games played.

Solid add!

St-Louis also drew a parallel on the situation he himself experienced on the Calgary side, when he too was beaten by two young player from the Flames organization.
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