Cole Caufield is not unique in his vintage

Published November 10, 2021 at 8:41

Since Cole Caufield's demotion to the Laval Rocket, many Tricolore fans are concerned that the organization made a bad decision in his case. Many believe that by sending him back to the AHL, Caufield's confidence will take a big hit and he could be ruined...

However, the 15th overall pick in 2019 is not the only one of his draft class who is currently in the minors. Caufield is getting the same treatment as nine other prospects selected in the first round of the 2019 draft.

Nearly half of those players were even selected before the University of Wisconsin Badgers alum. Among this list are the names of Alex Turcotte with the Los Angeles Kings, Matthew Boldy with the Minnesota Wild and Philip Broberg with the Edmonton Oilers.

We can therefore deduce that it is not dramatic to see him go back to fine-tune his game with Jean-François Houle's Laval Rocket.

Moreover, with the Canadiens' miserable start to the season, there is no advantage to staying with the big club, except for the salary that comes with it. Still, for his development, he is better off where he is now.
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