Cole Caufield's doctor's surprising revelation and photos are circulating

Published February 8, 2023 at 3:00 PM

Last week, Cole Caufield went under the knife for a problem in his shoulder. A photo released by the main interested party after the surgery showed that everything went well.

This Wednesday morning, TVA Sports published an exclusive interview with surgeon Peter J. Millett, who operated on CH number 22. We learn that contrary to what was announced in the media, Caufield did not have a shoulder separation. He did, however, have at least one dislocation and two cases of "instability".

A very interesting revelation:

"Dr. Millet performed a Latarjet procedure, a procedure that moves a piece of bone with a tendon attached to the front of the shoulder to stabilize and strengthen the joint, then prevent it from dislocating again."

According to what Dr. Millett reports, the operation indeed went very well. He also wanted to reassure fans and mentioned that he will indeed be present at the next training camp.

I'll just tell you that the procedure was executed flawlessly. There were no concerns. If everything goes as planned with his recovery, we expect him to be fully ready for next season."

"He is feeling no pain and his rehab is going well. He is working hard. He will be a threat in the future, that's for sure!" - Dr. Peter J. Millett

Really interesting!

The experienced surgeon, who incidentally performed shoulder surgery on Josh Anderson and Vladimir Tarasenko, admitted that Cole absolutely did not want the surgery. He managed to convince him by explaining the long-term benefits of the procedure.

"Let me tell you, Cole did not want surgery," says Dr. Millett. He wanted to continue playing and we discussed the risks associated with that and then what was best for him in the long run. The surgery was a necessity." - Dr. Peter J. Millett

Caufield, it will be recalled, confessed just prior to surgery that the organization had confiscated his sticks and skates. The surgeon says it's torture for his patient and he has to hold it back or he'd already be on the ice.

Recent photos on social networks show that the CH forward continues his recovery with his family in Wisconsin. He seems to be in a very good mood, as shown in the pictures below:



Before going under the knife, Caufield was having the season of his career. He had 26 goals and 36 points in 46 games this season. Let's hope he picks up where he left off next season!
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Cole Caufield's doctor's surprising revelation and photos are circulating

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