Cole Caufield and a first-round pick to the Devils... in return for Nico Hischier?

Published February 7, 2022 at 8:56

Norman Flynn often goes out via the podcast «On Jase», or via TSN radio, in order to file shocking statements. Is he doing it to create debate and make people talk, or is he doing it because that is really what he is thinking?

I really wonder, believe me!

In an appearance on Tony Marinaro's «Sick Podcast», he proposed trades involving Jonathan Drouin and Mike Hoffman for some late picks choices since they are «complements», then he traded Cole Caufield to the New Jersey Devils.

Mr. Flynn was on fire!

His suggestion about Caufield was to send number 22 to New Jersey, including a first-round pick, in return for Nico Hischier. Flynn would set this up as a base to initiate a dialogue with Tom Fitzgerald.

Obviously, the goal would be to reunite Caufield with his good friend Jack Hughes, but also to grab a high-quality centre and an incredible leader to the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge.

Can we wait before sending a potential 30 goals scorer, please? He has been struggling since the begin of the season, but he still has that great potential that we saw in him. Let the confidence come back, okay?


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