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Christian Dvorak received flowers again

Published September 15, 2021 at 9:31

Christian Dvorak... I feel like I start my texts with this name regularly, but what can I say, he's good, he's beautiful and I love the player as well as the human being he is. Dvorak will certainly be one of the favorites of the Montreal Canadiens this year. Several people have spoken out about him and they all say the same thing about him: he's not a flashy player, but he does everything right!

The last one to be asked about the Montreal Canadiens' new number two center remains none other than André Tourigny's new assistant, Mario Duhamel. Duhamel, like his great comrade Tourigny, would have liked to lead a player of D-Vo's caliber!

"He's a team player, who plays the 200 feet. He's a guy who fits exactly into what the Habs were looking for. He's a guy who is strong in the face-off circle and he's in his prime. He's got some great years ahead of him. He's not flashy, but he's attentive to the details of the game that make it harder for the opponent to get a shot. He doesn't have amazing feints, but he presents a nice offense. He's reliable and he's going to show up every night," said Duhamel.

The bottom line is: "He's a perfect fit for the Montreal Canadiens. We're talking about a guy with the attitude that Marc Bergevin is looking for, not to mention that his skills on the ice are what Bergevin and Dominique Ducharme love the most. Expect to see him used to excess by Ducharme, who will use him in all sorts of ways."
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