Christian Dvorak is slowly catching up with Patrice Brisebois and Alex Galchenyuk

Published November 23, 2021 at 4:32 PM

When acquiring Christian Dvorak, everyone thought he was going to "replace" Phillip Danault.

Danault has established himself as one of the best defensive forwards in the NHL over the years. A tall order for D-Vo.

Looking at his performance and stats, it's easy to see that Dvorak's mission is a statement of failure.

In 20 games, the number 28 accumulated a low total of eight points, including three goals. For a second center, this offensive production is very poor.

However, what really draws attention to him is his pitiful minus-15 differential. This statistic currently ranks him as the second worst differential in the NHL, one spot behind Jakob Chychrun of the Arizona Coyotes.

If this trend continues, Dvorak could catch Patrice Brisebois and Alex Galchenyuk for the worst single-season differential in Tricolore history with minus-31.

Worst CH differentials (one season):
- Patrice Brisebois (2000-01): -31
- Alex Galchenyuk (2017-18): -31  
- Jeff Petry (2017-18): -30  
- Sheldon Souray (2006-07) : -28  
- Jonathan Drouin (2017-18): -28    

For now, the loss of the famous first pick invested to acquire Dvorak hurts the CH very much, considering the team's current situation... Perhaps a third center role would be more appropriate for Dvorak, but who else but him could take on such a role?

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