Connor McDavid unveiled his GORGEOUS luxury shack

Published November 23, 2021 at 3:01 PM

12.5 million a year is Connor McDavid's NHL salary. With his gizmos, number 97 can easily afford anything he wants.

As hockey players are wont to do, they can afford big, fancy houses with their paychecks. Connor McDavid took the opportunity to show off his property from top to bottom.

Check out his little guided tour:

The little masterpiece of this video is at the end, when Connor "McJesus" girlfriend, Lauren, admitted that he takes a lot of baths compared to her.

97's response was as brief as "it's embarrassing". You could sense an element of pride on McDavid's part there, which was really comical. 😂

One can only imagine the best player in the NHL taking little bubble baths to relax, after "shifting" three or four players on the same sequence in a game. Priceless! 😂
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