Chris Wideman and Christian Dvorak stole the show during a series of debates

Jeff Drouin
December 23, 2021  (12:46)

During the most recent segment of the brodcast «The Chat», Christian Dvorak and Chris Wideman gave themselves in a show.

This broadcast consists of asking a series of questions that lead to funny debates between the two players present.
As far as we can tell, the Chris duo delivered the goods.
Here is a brief summary of the best debates conducted by the two Red, White, and Blue players :
Question 1: Which of these would have the upper hand if they were to discard the gloves?
Chris Wideman was adamant, Christian Dvorak would win the fight with flying colours.
"You! I have already participated in a few waltzes and I don't even know if I was able to hand out even one punch. I don't really like my chances," said Wideman.
The funniest thing about it is that D-Vo has never been in a fight since he entered the circuit.
"I've never fought in the NHL yet, so I can't speak from experience. However, I have a 1-0 record in junior, so maybe I would win, I don't know," added Dvorak.
Question 2: Which one would be Jim and which one would be Dwight from the popular «The Office» series?
As Christian Dvorak never listened to the show, Chris Wideman had to answer the famous question that kills.
«We're watching the show my wife and I, and she often compares me to Dwight. So I guess you'd be Jim," said Wideman.
*This is a series I highly recommend. *
Chris Wideman was also able to convince Dvorak to watch this incredibly funny and original series.
Question 3: Who would ride on each other's shoulders during a concert?
Given the small size of the CH number 20, you can guess the answer... 😂
«I'd say I'm probably taller than you, so I'd take you on my shoulders," said Dvorak.
They must have gone through a few laughs during the filming of this capsule.
See the complete segment:
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