Chantal Machabée interrupted the media availability to deliver an apology to CH fans

Published March 20, 2022 at 11:05

After yesterday's game, many fans noticed that the three stars of the game (the three players chosen) did not show up on the ice as usual.

This is a tradition appreciated by many Tricolore fans, young and old, but indeed, yesterday, the three chosen players did not show up on the ice to greet the fans at the Bell Centre.

Jake Evans, Joel Armia and Jake Allen (respectively the three stars of the game) never made it on the ice and many noticed.

It is for this reason that Chantal Machabée temporarily interrupted the post-game press conferences to say a few words to the fans, to apologize on behalf of the organization.

She explained the situation.

Chantal said that it was all related to a lack of communication between the employees in charge of telling the players to get on the ice. She concluded by saying that the organization apologizes for this particular situation.

It may seem like a small gesture, but it's very rare to see this from a professional club, and the fact that she did it says a lot about the relationship the organization wants to (re)build with its fans. And Chantal Machabée is definitely the right woman for the job.

We imagine that in the future, this situation will not happen again.
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