Carey Price's wife publicly mocked and destroyed for another controversial post

Published February 20, 2023 at 12:48

Yesterday, we told you about the question and answer session with Carey Price's wife, Angela, who actually answered many questions from fans.

She mentioned that her family will continue to learn the French language and that the Price's intend to come back to Montreal a few times next season, even after officially moving to Western Canada.

There is also another answer that caused a lot of reaction, but personally, we didn't care for it.

Here is the answer in question:


Angela even had to correct the shot:


In short, it has continued to cause a lot of reactions in the last few hours, so much so that Carey's wife was picked up on social networks, especially by a popular influencer.

To put it in context, during the Q&A session, Angela was asked by an internet user how she keeps her kids in their room when it's time to sleep.

So, Angela answered that she locks them in their room, with what is called a "door monkey". (see photo above)

After seeing this response, see a summary of the common mother's reaction:

"locking up your child in their room is on the verge of abuse. [...] To see that a lock for children is being promoted as if it were light, it bothers me. [...] I know there are lots of different methods of parenting, but there are some things that just don't pass muster for me."

"Is Carey's wife crazy. I think about it, imagine the fire went off. That's illegal. [...] In my opinion, this is the little lock she uses to keep Price from running away when it's time to be with her."

- Via Qc Scoop

And another reaction received:


Is this going too far? You be the judge, we only report what happens. See the full video:

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Carey Price's wife publicly mocked and destroyed for another controversial post

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