Big Trade by the Leafs as Kent Hughes Opts not to Withhold Ryan O'Reilly' Salary

Published February 20, 2023 at 12:28

Back in early January, we told you how the CH could be involved in a mega-transaction as Third-Party Brokers. That's right in the middle of what the Minnesota Wild did this weekend in the deal that sent Ryan O'Reilly to Toronto as they withheld 25% of O'Reilly's salary.

According to the information we have, the Habs could very well have replaced the Wild and been involved in this major transaction (by withholding O'Reilly's salary).

However, in hindsight and seeing how the trade market is developing, it's good that Hughes stayed away from this deal.

Keep in mind, as Renaud Lavoie reminds us in a recent post at BPM Sports, that a team can only have three salaries withheld per season. Saving them at this point in the season makes the most sense.

Indeed, if he wants to trade, at least, Evgeny Dadonov ($5M) and Jonathan Drouin ($5.5M), Kent Hughes will definitely have to retain some salary. The third and final spot available for this aspect could go in a deal involving Sean Monahan ($6.375M) or to tide him over in a last minute deal on March 3rd.

In a recent interview with Sportsnet's Jeff Marek, Kent Hughes made a disappointing statement to the fans. The GM likes the current mix of veterans and youngsters and thinks the vets are capable of taking the young kids to a new level. It seems that it will be quiet until March 3rd...

"Marek at intermission says he expects the Habs to be quiet at the deadline, Kent Hughes likes the veterans they have and feels they have the right mix. He wants the veterans to help the young players along the way."

By the way, it seems that the one who is most plausible to leave the CH is none other than Evgeny Dadonov.

Kent Hughes therefore has plenty of room to retain salary in other transactions, between now and March 3.
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Big Trade by the Leafs as Kent Hughes Opts not to Withhold Ryan O'Reilly' Salary

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