Carey Price opens up about his mental health and his huge 2021 disappointment

Published September 18, 2022 at 11:15

Since the Canadiens' appearance in the Stanley Cup Final in the summer of 2021, things have changed a lot within the organization.

New staff, new players, but above all a new mentality that pleases the team's fans with the arrival of Chantal Machabée as vice-president of communications.

But let's go back to the tricolore's epic journey during the 2021 series. It must be said that without the presence of Carey Price, the Canadiens would never have reached the finals, even though he was the source of inspiration for his team.

However, as reported by Mark Suciu, of, the five-game loss to the Lightning in the Finals will have been very hard on No. 31.

We all know what happened next as Price joined the NHL Players' Association's assistance program and only played five games at the end of the 2021-2022 season. But thankfully, the NHLBreaker Instagram account reported a reassuring piece of information about Carey Price's mental health and let's just say we're all very happy to know that he's doing pretty well.

"Price said the hardest part was working for something for over 14 years, being so close and having it ripped away at the last moment. He also mentioned that the therapy provided by the league's player assistance program has helped him, as he continues to monitor his mental health (and is much more outspoken about it).

Price does feel much more comfortable discussing his battle with mental health after voluntarily participating in the NHL's player assistance program. Asking for help when you need it is what we encourage our kids to do. And that was what I had to do."

Carey feels much more comfortable opening up about his mental health.

Although Price has been placed on the long-term injured list and it would be very surprising to see him back in action this year. However, he should be around the team and like in the 2021 series, number 31 could once again be the inspiration for his team, and who knows, maybe we could have some surprises during the season that will start on October 12.
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Carey Price opens up about his mental health and his huge 2021 disappointment

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