Carey Price made a noticeable gesture yesterday!

Published February 24, 2022 at 11:02

We learned yesterday that 14-year-old Quebec goalie Tristan Ménard has cancer.

Playing for the M15 Relève team at the Collège Français de Longueil, Ménard's teammates will participate in the "Shaved Head Challenge" today, with the goal of supporting their young teammate.

The Director of the Collège Français Annexe Secondaire Longueuil spoke with Bernard Drainville yesterday and revealed some touching information.

«Carey Price and other NHL goaltenders, as well as around the world, helped put together various words of encouragement for Tristan, by video."

The young man was obviously very touched, and I can't even imagine the dose of courage, and the boost that can give to a boy like Tristan, who has received motivational messages from his greatest heroes, of his idols. (as Carey Price)

Congratulations to Carey and the other NHL goalies for the very nice gesture!

First and foremost, we wish young Tristan a speedy recovery.

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