Big news for the Habs fan today!

Published February 24, 2022 at 8:49

We have all noticed it, it's easy to see, the Montreal Canadiens are a transformed team since the arrival of Martin St-Louis as head coach.

The team is playing so much better, and above all, they are winning more and more games. The awakening of Caufield, Petry and company (of quite the whole team honestly) is beautiful to see.

As you know, as the anti-Canadians have probably reminded you (too?) often for several weeks, the Habs found themselves in the very last place in the National Hockey League standings.

It is now over, and I want to say, for good.

Following the Habs' 4-0 victory over the Buffalo Sabres, the team is now 31st in the NHL. The Arizona Coyotes are now the worst team in the NHL.

Looking at the way Martin St-Louis' squad is currently playing, if the injuries stop hitting the club a bit, we can think that they will continue to climb up the standings.

For those who wanted to see the Canadians get the first overall pick in the next draft, let's just say that's not Martin St-Louis' goal and the team is slowly moving away from it, not fast.

Is the small rise of Habs in the standings good news, or bad news? You be the judge, but the games are a thousand times more enjoyable to watch.
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