Logan Mailloux pick: the new AGM of the Habs got involved and that could change the plans!

Published February 23, 2022 at 8:19 PM

This Wednesday, Kent Hughes revealed who is his new assistant GM. It is John Sedgwick who obtained a promotion and landed a position in the new Habs staff.

Sedgwick is known to be excellent at managing the team's day-to-day payroll. He did a lot of work in the last two seasons when the space under the cap had to be managed with a magnifying glass. The former lawyer will therefore have succeeded in convincing the duo Hughes / Gorton to give him more tasks, he was one of the last men of the Marc Bergevin era in place, with Martin Lapointe.

Regarding his involvement with the old regime, Luc Gélinas revealed, following this announcement, some very interesting information.

According to his sources, Sedgwick was the only one who really didn't like Logan Mailloux's selection in the last draft. He would also have warned the former GM.

We remember that Segwick was one of the candidates interviewed for the position of GM of the Montreal Canadiens. It is good to see that he made a good impression and that the new staff appreciated him.

Slowly, the 2nd floor begins to take shape. There is no doubt that new men, or women, will be added to this group in the coming weeks. So far, it looks very promising!

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