Carey Price is starting to realize it may not be possible to return to the game

Published June 7, 2022 at 6:50 PM

As you know, one of the biggest issues of the summer for the Montreal Canadiens is the future of Carey Price in the NHL.

Will he announce his retirement, will he return to the game, will he have surgery again?

A very big decision awaits number 31 and we talk about it often because it could really change everything for Kent Hughes.

If Price comes back, he has his starting goalie and he has 10 million less to spend this summer (this will have a big impact on his summer acquisitions)

If Price doesn't come back, he will have to find a number one goalie and he will have 10 million more to spend this summer.


A very relevant person just spoke out on this subject. Stephane Waite, who is Carey's former goalie coach and still has a good relationship with him, had this to say:

"He's going to try everything to come back, but he's starting to realize that maybe it's not possible. I say maybe because everyone is speculating. But Carey doesn't know that!"

Price has already mentioned that if he is not able to return 100% and perform up to his expectations, he will retire.

In this regard, the former CH goalie coach does not seem to have a good feeling. (regarding the precarious situation of his former player)

See his full speech right here and you can judge, but Waite doesn't seem too confident about seeing Carey Price back in uniform.

He could really be on his last few miles:

Credit: GoHabsGo
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Carey Price is starting to realize it may not be possible to return to the game

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