Carey Price and his family are already in Montreal

Published August 18, 2021 at 10:44

NHL and Montreal Canadiens hockey is already almost upon us as the rookie camps will get underway in the second week of September, while the big camp will start a few days later. We are already past the halfway point of August, so some players will start coming back to Montreal to prepare for the big camp. This seems to be the case for Carey Price.

If Angela Price's Instagram story is any indication, the Price family would already be back in Montreal, even if Carey will not start the 2021-22 campaign at the same time as his teammates. I remind you that he went under the knife a few days after the Stanley Cup final. He's recovering and he can live this one down wherever he ends up.


In short, the reason for this ricochet is quite simple, it is the return to school in more or less a week, so the Price family must land in Quebec before the start of the school year. Little Liv, five years old, will be entering pre-school (kindergarten) this year, so she has to go through a little quarantine before beginning this next chapter. Therefore, we wish a great return to Montreal to this family that Quebecers cherish so much.

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