Steven Stamkos sold his home for $16 million

Published August 18, 2021 at 10:03

Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steven Stamkos won a second successive Stanley Cup with an overly talented group of players. In addition to that prestigious silver trophy, Stamkos also made $16 million (minus the balance of payments, most likely) by selling his home located on the Davis Islands. In 2018, Stamkos and his spouse had purchased a piece of land for $3.85 million in order to build a castle on it.

The comical facts in this story remains that the couple's home was not for sale, then, before finally selling it, the Stamkos's filed a very specific condition.

First, a client from Boston contacted Allan Mezrah of the Toni Everett Company in Tampa to tell him he was looking for a home in the Davis Islands area. Immediately, Mezrah contacted Stamkos to see if he was willing to sell his home. Stamkos said yes, quoted his price, and the buyer was quick to agree.

However, since this chapter happened in March, Stamkos put a very specific condition in the contract, the date of possession of the house. The number 91 was so confident in his group, that he said he did not want to move until he won the Stanley Cup, which was accepted by the buyer. In the end, Stamkos lifted the Cup... and then moved a few days later.

Of course, his family moved to another home in the Tampa Bay area, so don't start false rumors about Stamkos wanting to leave Tampa since he sold his home. He bought another one in the same area, let me remind you a second time!
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