Canadiens fans are nicer than Blackhawks fans

Published October 25, 2021 at 10:45

The Montreal Canadiens lost their first five games of the season, only to break that streak last Saturday against the Detroit Red Wings. Dominique Ducharme's men now have a record of one win and five losses.

On Sunday night, the same Red Wings were in Chicago and despite the Montreal-Chicago flight, they came out with the knife between their teeth by crushing the poor Hawks of Jonathan Toews 6-3.

If you think things are bad in Montreal, they're even worse in the Windy City, where the Hawks are getting a chorus of boos night after night because of a six-game winless streak.

Marc-Andre Fleury is having the worst time of his career, looking completely lost between the posts. Like the Quebec goaltender, the Hawks are off to one of the worst starts in their history...

In Montreal, despite some signs of impatience, the fans did not go as far as the Hawks. In Chicago, fans allowed themselves to chant "Fire Colliton" during the pathetic duel against the Wings.

Ordinary, yes! However, this series of pictures shows that the head coach seems to be looking for solutions to bring the train back on track! Although...

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