Canadiens could force Ducks to make early decision on next GM

Published December 4, 2021 at 7:34 PM

Regularly mentioned in the rumors to become the next GM of the Canadiens, the current assistant GM of the Anaheim Ducks, Martin Madden Jr., could benefit from this interest from the Montreal organization to get a promotion with his team.

Indeed, as Mikaël Lalancette of TVA Sports explained today, the Ducks are literally in love with the Quebecer. The Seattle Kraken had tried to hire him in 2020, but the Ducks had responded by offering him a promotion as an assistant to the general manager at the time, Bob Murray.

With Murray forced to resign a few weeks ago, the Habs' interest could force the Ducks to make Madden their next GM. So the same game as in 2020 could happen again, and Madden could end up slipping through the fingers of Jeff Gorton and the Habs.

This attachment of the Ducks' staff to Martin Madden Jr. is very understandable, since he has brought them an incredible number of extremely talented young players, especially during his years as the team's head scout.

In short, these rumours would only become reality if the Habs were to officially ask for permission to negotiate with Madden Jr, but in any case, he has a good chance of getting a general manager position in the next few weeks.
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