Canadiens and Flames trade this year: a home run for Kent Hughes

Published November 27, 2022 at 1:27 PM

We have already told you a few times about the genius of Kent Hughes behind certain transactions, particularly those concluded with the Calgary Flames.

In this regard, a really striking comparison has just surfaced.

"Toffoli and Monahan have the same amount of points and games played this season.

Toffoli is a top-six winger for the Flames, and Monahan is a center on the Tricolore's third line.

The Flames gave first and fourth round picks + Heineman to Kent Hughes for Toffoli.

The Flames gave us a first round pick to take Monahan.

Crazy!" - The Habitant

As of this writing, Toffoli has 14 points in 21 games this season.

As of this writing, Monahan has 14 points, in 21 games this season.

Tyler Toffoli and Sean Monahan do have the exact same amount of points this season, and that's impressive at its core, but there's more.

According to many very knowledgeable experts, if Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton ever decide to trade Monahan this season, they will most likely get another first round pick. Unbelievable.

It's an issue to watch, but it's a possibility given that Monahan will be a free agent without compensation next summer. If this all comes to fruition, check out the possible trade recap between the Habs and Flames over the past few months, a real home run by Hughes.

Acquired by the Montreal Canadiens:

- Emil Heineman
- Tyler Pitlick
- Flames first round pick 2022
- Flames fourth round pick
- Flames 2025 first round pick
- First round pick acquired in return for Monahan, if traded

Traded by the Montreal Canadiens:

- Tyler Toffoli
- Future considerations (lol)

Really impressive! Now that's elite level asset management. Kent Hughes would have managed to "turn" Tyler Toffoli and future considerations here, into THREE first round picks, a fourth round pick, and a solid prospect in Emil Heineman.

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Canadiens and Flames trade this year: a home run for Kent Hughes

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