Cale Fleury would already have a landmark with the Seattle Kraken!

Published July 21, 2021 at 2:49 PM

Even though the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft doesn't take place until tonight, a lot of selections have been revealed on Twitter. We knew earlier that the Montreal Canadiens player selected by the Kraken would be none other than Cale Fleury.


Fleury will inevitably have to leave the Montreal organization. However, Ron Francis made sure that his adaptation would go well in Seattle. Remember that his older brother, Haydn, plays for the Anaheim Ducks, but he was not protected by the California team.


The general manager of the Kraken then took the opportunity to select him from Anaheim, according to rumors.

It must be tough to walk into a locker room where you know virtually no one. However, it must likely help to have a familiar face around, especially when it's your brother.

Maybe the Fleury brothers will get a chance to form a duo on a regular basis in the NHL, as they have been slow to find stability since they turned pro. One thing is for sure, if such a duo were to be formed, the opponents will have to keep their heads high...
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