The Seattle Kraken just got their captain

Published July 21, 2021 at 12:30

Salim Nadim Valji, who works for TSN on the Calgary side, was adamant that Mark Giordano will be the Seattle Kraken's pick from the Flames.

"I can confirm that the Seattle Kraken has selected Calgary Flames captain Mark Giordano as their pick in the expansion draft, which will be announced tonight!"

With Adam Larsson signing a four-year pact with the organization, the defense already looks like something and we're still a long way from the Expansion Draft. This is no small thing since building an organization from a good defensive squad usually works out great.

This future acquisition, which is still unofficial at this time, remains a stroke of genius at the leadership level since Gio is recognized as one of the great leaders in the National Hockey League. He has proudly worn that letter of nobility on his jersey since the 2013-14 campaign.

The 37-year-old defenseman, who was never drafted in the NHL, may not be as dynamic as he was before, but his experience, leadership, attitude and 949 career games (along with the 509 points he scored) will make him vital in installing a winning culture within this new franchise.
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