Brendan Gallagher makes the best statement about Marc Bergevin

Published November 30, 2021 at 10:16

Brendan Gallagher had a nice smile on his face Monday night when he talked about Marc Bergevin as the two had a tight-knit relationship. Aside from talking about his contract, "Gally" slipped in the most savory statement of the bunch about Marc Bergevin.

"Not many GMs would have wanted to keep a 5-foot-8 rookie drafted in the 5th round!"

The little number 11 is not afraid of self-deprecation, he pointed to his height for a laugh. In fact, did he just confirm that he is really 5 foot 8 and not 5 foot 9, as indicated on the NHL website? Unless his height was 5 foot 8 the year he was drafted and he's grown an inch since then.

Anyway, Gallagher showed all the love he had for Marc Bergevin. He most likely had a dialogue with him following his (Bergevin's) departure.
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