Brendan Gallagher makes a major request to the Habs and it's getting a huge reaction

Published October 25, 2022 at 10:08

It was a bit of a secret yesterday, because it happened just minutes before Carey Price's much anticipated and highly publicized press conference, but forward Brendan Gallagher also had an impactful press conference.

He took a moment to make a big request to the Montreal Canadiens' staff, and that made the fans react a lot.

Sportsnet's Eric Engels transcribed Gallagher's plea to the media after his team's practice on Monday, and it's very interesting.

"Brendan Gallagher says Carey Price's 31 should, one day, be retired to the heights of the Bell Centre." - Eric Engels

See the result:

"To me, there's absolutely no question when you talk about the impact he had, you talk about the success he had. When you came to the games, people came to see Carey Price play. It's not something that's usual. People want to see goals, people want to see excitement, but he was sparkling and exciting and at the same time calm and collected.

He did everything he could to deserve it (to have his number retired in the heights of the Bell Centre). Obviously, it would have been nice to have won a Stanley Cup and then there would be no discussion. He got us there. It's hard to say, but it would be fair to say he would have gotten us there another time if he hadn't gotten hurt (in the 2014 conference finals, Chris Kreider's famous year). He's just done so much throughout his career. I think when you look at the names and the jerseys up there -I understand all the cups- people came specifically to see these players. Pricey was the guy people came to see."

- Brendan Gallagher

Do you agree with Gallagher? Do you think Carey Price's number 31 should be retired by the Montreal Canadiens?

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Brendan Gallagher makes a major request to the Habs and it's getting a huge reaction

Do you agree with Gallagher that Carey Price's number should be retired?

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