Brendan Gallagher is getting away with it...

Published November 11, 2021 at 2:50 PM

JP Bertrand revisited the skirmish between Alexander Romanov and Brendan Gallagher at Wednesday's practice. This kind of riffing happens regularly at a professional team's practices, but Brendan Gallagher's general attitude over the past few weeks has bothered many.

The Dose host took the opportunity to point out that he hasn't liked what he's seen from Gallagher for some time, especially his non-verbal. If he's auditioning for the captaincy, Bertrand believes it's an unfortunate miss. He feels that he is "boiling" inside and does not seem to be a positive influence on the group.

He's not in a good frame of mind and that's obvious from our sofas, isn't it? Yes, he has a snappy style and is full of character on the ice, but he also needs to lead by example in the locker room, at practice, in front of the media, everywhere.

The little number 11 is right to be frustrated, but he still needs to bring himself down to earth to help his team get their feet out of the deep mud. After all, without Carey Price, Shea Weber, Phillip Danault and Corey Perry, he's the mainstay.
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