Brendan Gallagher doesn't have the presence of a captain

Published July 23, 2021 at 9:33

Let's face it, Shea Weber's absence will hurt the Montreal Canadiens very badly. It will leave a huge void in the locker room since his aura and leadership are simply unmatched. Stéphane Waite spoke about this on 98.5FM and let's just say that, once again, the former goalie coach didn't keep his tongue in his pocket...

"It's going to be a very big hole. I wondered who could be the captain of the Habs next year if Shea isn't there. For sure, if he expects to miss a year and doesn't announce his retirement, the Canadiens won't name a captain until Shea decides to retire. That's for sure and that's normal."

On the subject of the potential soldier to replace number 6, Waite is unable to find a suitable candidate to take over. He even indicated that he doesn't see any player taking over as captain of the CH. What's that? So, Brendan Gallagher doesn't have what it takes to wear that letter on his jersey?

"But if Shea retires. Who can be captain? It's not obvious. I don't see any, honestly." - Waite

Waite is aware that people see Brendan Gallagher taking on the role, but he made it clear that Gally doesn't have the presence of a Shea Weber, Brian Gionta, or Jonathan Toews. While he loves Gally dearly, the No. 11 doesn't have that kind of stuff.

"Gally is the little guy who comes to the arena, always in a good mood, always laughing. Everyone annoys him. He doesn't have the presence of mind of, 'Wow, sit down. Think about your business. Wake up. It's not that kind of poise. And I love Gally." - Waite

Waite even added that he wasn't the captain he wanted. Same with Jeff Petry, a great person and a guy Waite loves, but he doesn't have that drive to be a captain. Right now, the only candidate is Corey Perry, but he doesn't have a contract yet and he won't be around for long if he ever comes back.

"The only one who could do it, but he's not under contract and he won't be around for very long, is Corey Perry. But, you can't name a captain for one year."

That's the impact of a Shea Weber in a locker room. The type of player you don't find by kicking a rock.
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