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Brandon Prust praised a former teammate he 'threatened' in 2014

Published August 27, 2021 at 11:21

Earlier this week, Brandon Prust completely got away with it on social media, outright blowing off a lady... only to apologize a few hours later. Is that apology really worth anything, especially since it was so low key? No idea, but at least he did apologize...

That being said, Prust was in the news again, but for slightly more positive reasons this time. Although... In short, following the announcement of the retirement of King Henrik Lundqvist, with whom Prust played from 2009 to 2012, he made a point of congratulating him on his great career.

But, in 2014, when Prust was wearing the colors of the Canadiens, he threatened, somehow, the New York Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist. I remind you that during the 2014 playoffs, Prust said he would crush Lundqvist after Chris Kreider injured Carey Price due to a "pretend" fall.

In the end, Carey Price was able to get revenge at Kreider's expense in 2015 with a solid check behind his net.

Anyway, Brandon Prust is definitely the talk of the town this week...
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