Blackhawks expert reveals big hole in Kirby Dach's game and brings back bad memories for Montreal fans

Published July 16, 2022 at 9:13

Canadiens fans at the Bell Centre earlier this month during the first round of the NHL draft were loud when Gary Bettman announced the deal that brought in center Kirby Dach via a trade with the Chicago Blackhawks.

If at first glance this trade may have surprised many people in Quebec, it was not really the case in Chicago as the team is literally being emptied to make way for a rebuild with the new management in place.

As reported by Patrick Beauséjour of Fanadiens.com, TVA Sports reporter Nicolas Cloutier had a conversation with a Chicago reporter about Kirby Dach after the trade was announced.

According to this journalist, the 21 year old center is full of talent but there is a certain flaw in his game that could bring back bad memories to some Canadiens fans.

"He can deek three players in the neutral zone and create plays, but his flaw is that he is unable to score."

Cloutier jokingly added that the problem could be solved by pairing Dach with a Cole Caufield.

Although Dach hasn't broken anything since his arrival in the NHL, it's worth mentioning that he made the jump as an 18 year old with the Blackhawks and the following year, while playing in the World Junior Championship in Edmonton, he suffered a major wrist injury in a warm-up game and was out of the game for several months.

The injury slowed him down but the potential is still there and some scouts compared him to Ryan Getzlaf when the Blackhawks selected him third overall in the 2019 NHL draft.

His 59 points in 152 games puts him third in scoring this draft behind Hughes of the New Jersey Devils and Trevor Zegras of the Anaheim Ducks.

Which is not bad at all. Now that he's been acquired by the Habs, it's a safe bet that the organization will do everything in its power to see him reach his full potential in Montreal.
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Blackhawks expert reveals big hole in Kirby Dach's game and brings back bad memories for Montreal fans

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